Citizen’s Requests

Simply hand in your wish, your request or your suggestion to the city administration. This way we guarantee you a fast and uncomplicated response.


Services from A-Z

All our services and contacts can be found in the order of A-Z. Simply dial the service of the city administration.


Passport – Status of

Did you apply for a new passport? Find out if the work is still in progress, finished or ready to be picked up.



Offices & Institutions from A-Z

If your are looking for a city office, an administration, a municipally held company, an organization , a scientific office or other institutions? We make it easy for you to get an overview in alphabetical order.


Standard of Living

What kind of living standard or stage in life are you presently in? Our offers make it easy for you to understand what you need to improve your present living conditions.

Up-to Date Information

Are you looking for up-to date news items and information about Fulda. You will find them in Newsarchiv.



Gardens and Green Meadows

Fulda is lies in the low mountain range of the Rhön and Vogelsberg. In the green meadows of the Fulda river, which has its source from the Wasserkuppe mountain

and flows through the “country of the open distances” of the Rhön, get to know the area by hiking through the entire Fulda region.


Sport & Leisure Time

It’s fun, keeps you fit , establishes contacts , lifts the spirits! Fulda offers great possibilities to do a lot of sports – for active people, for spectators and fans. About 350 clubs offer a wide variety of possibilities to engage in sports.



Is the commercial and industrial centre, the traffic hub, the housing construction in conflict with nature, clean air, and energy savings? Fulda gives the answer in reference to the contradiction of nature and environment.


Forms /Online Service

Application forms can be accessed online. We offer you a form by PDF (portable document format) and online service, which saves you a trip to the city castle.

Citizen’s Service Bureau

Our citizen’s bureau is the first starting point for our citizens when they wish to contact the administration. Besides various services, our team in the citizen’s bureau can give you further assistance or advice.


Museums, Libraries and Exhibitions

If you are interested in the history of Fulda, contemporary art or simply want to know more - here we give you all the information about our museums, libraries and exhibitions.