Fulda ...a good address

Fulda offers jobs for ten thousands of people as a strong economic location. Numerous employees settle down from the outside to Fulda and maybe play long since with the thought to move to Fulda. The employees who start a new place in Fulda search suitable residential surroundings for themselves and her families. We want to draw the attention exactly of these employees as a city of Fulda to the place of residence Fulda and more and more this employee should become inhabitants of our town.

As a decisive help we have briefly put together the arguments „per Fulda“, also an overview of real estate enterprise from Fulda. We offer as a contact for everybody which need information over Fulda as a place of residence. Fulda offers, e.g., with the new part of town Fulda gallery, good environments with short ways in the centre. The civil office of the city of Fulda is an efficient drop-in centre – also for potential new citizens.

Every new inhabitant contributes to the fact that the population forecast remains so positive for Fulda as she is currently in the consideration till 2030. The people who become home here found families in Fulda, they invest with us and contribute about her taxes, moreover, to the fact that the public infrastructure can be financed in future and be developed. Hence, we would be glad if you make the place of residence to Fulda now and then on the subject in her sphere, in the job or in the private area and transmit the information from the Internet to that for which Fulda could become a „good address“.