About us

The Benedictine monastery of Fulda was founded in 744 by Sturmius on behalf of Saint Bonifatius. These days Fulda is the heart and soul of the commercial and cultural life in this eastern part of Hessia. It’s a pleasure to live and work here–find out more about Fulda and the Rhön National Park.

Fulda’s Architecture

Fulda is well known for its building tradition. Historical buildings in a baroque style dominate Fulda’s city centre. But contemporary and future buildings also show different eras of style. An esthetical and attractive symbiosis–that’s our pretension.

Cultural Highlights

The cultural aspect of life plays a big role in Fulda. Apart from our theatre and museums, Fulda offers a widespread range of cultural ideas. We are convinced, that there is something for every taste and purse.

Residence in Fulda

You are looking for a great residence in a town with a lot of green areas but which is also central and has good transport connections? Then discover the town of Fulda. Located in the middle of Germany, Fulda has a strong economy but is yet modest in size. This might be your new habitat.

City of Gardens and Greens

Fulda’s variety of gardens, greens and flora is well-known beyond its borders. Friends of gardens and flowers are led through the many parks and green areas by the 1.Deutsche Gartenkulturpfad (1st German Cultural Garden Trail). Get spoiled by the beauty of nature.

Well-being and Health Care

Well-being and health are things everyone wishes for and the nature orientated surroundings of Fulda promote and contribute to a healthy way of living. But in case someone is taken ill, Fulda offers a professional medical infrastructure.


Fulda being the principal town in Eastern Hessia, it offers a broad range of different schools to fulfil the needs of the German educational system. The quality of our schools is high and is reflected in the current school rankings.

Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene–two keywords which we take very seriously. With our prevention board and our auxiliary police force we want to give security a face. The council service team keeps our town clean and attractive.